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December 15th _ 09:00-21:00


Storage Ransomware attacks are on the rise.

Will you be the one to save us?


Camilo -The Green House
Tel Aviv, Dr. George Wise St, 24

Are you ready to hack the Ransomware challenge in just 12 hours time? 12 hours time?

Behind every organization, technological as it may be, there is data.

Today, data is one of the world’s most expensive and valuable resources.

Losing or exposing data can lead to a collapse of an organization and even put people’s lives at risk.

Join us, being part of something bigger

and try to solve one of the biggest challenges we face as a society today 

At Stake

1st Prize

10,000 NIS + internship opportunity + personal mentorship from one of Toga's CTOs

2nd Prize

5,000 NIS + internship opportunity + personal mentorship from one of Toga's CTOs

3rd Prize

BUYME - 1500 NIS + internship opportunity

*All prizes are per group.

The mission

Develop an algorithm
that will Detect, Identify and Recover storage ransomware attacks
in the best possible way

The Challenges


to Detect

Storage ransomware attacks can be detected and blocked timely by the storage array container's built-in detection and analysis engine. We will provide the participants with snapshot data set.


To recover

It is possible to quickly restore the production center system if it is faulty or attacked by using the backup storage or snapshot copies in the remote/isolated zone. Can you find the most creative, effective and innovative way ?

Our Job:

</> Provide the best environment

</> Unlimited food & drink

</> Awesome prizes

</> Top Notch Mentors

</> Provide new Technological skills from leading PhD’s in their field

</> Build great teams

</> All this for free!

Your job: Hack, eat, meet and have fun!

About the challenge

New report suggests Israel is country most affected by ransomware since 2020

Cybersecurity firm commissioned by Google says Israel has a near-600% increase in reported ransomware attacks during recent period

Israeli hospital targeted by ransomware attack

Hillel Yaffe Medical Center was targeted by a ransomware attack, but were still able to treat patients.

Shirbit Ransomware Attack

Shirbit, an Israeli-based insurance company, was hit by a ransomware attack. The hackers demanded 200 bitcoin as a ransom. Shirbit refused to pay and lost nearly 3M$ .

Event Agenda

09:00 Doors open – Registration
09:05 Morning Snack & Coffee
10:00 Opening Ceremony
11:00 </> Hacking Starts!
14:00 Lunch
</> Work Work Work…
16:00 Refreshing Movement
</> Work Work Work…
18:30 Drop The Pen – Judging Round 1
19:15 Cocktail & Dinner
20:00 Award Ceremony – Top 7 Pitches

Ladies and gentlemen, the jury

David has been at the forefront of the Start-up Nation for twenty-six years. As a serial entrepreneur, he has guided Cyber Security, AI, and networking companies from inception to execution to acquisition.

David Maman

Founder & CEO at
An experienced advisor on market entry, innovation scouting and growth strategies. Over the past 10 years, Idan has worked with some of Israel’s most innovative early-stage startups in the fields of AI, computer vision and cyber security.

Idan Fisher

Strategic Partnerships - TAU Ventures
Twenty-eight years of experience in national security (ISA, NISA, INCD). Former Deputy General Director of Cyber robustness Division in Israel National Cyber Directorate (INCD) – prime minister office - most-senior ranking Israeli cyber robustness official.

Refael Franko

INCD- (former) Deputy DG, Founder- Refael Franco - Advanced Technology, Co-founder Code Blue
Itzik is the founder & CEO of Toga Networks since 2009. He formed the company with a vision to create a unique blend of entrepreneurs and technology leaders. Itzik has over 20 years of experience in VLSI and Networking equipment design and real time software development.

Itzik Malobani

Founder &CEO Toga Networks a Huawei company

The Challenge Owners

Assaf is a world-leading innovator, with 25 years of technical experience in storage and algorithms fields and with over 450 issued patents, and more than 200 pending patents.

Dr. Assaf Natanzon

VP Storage, Chief Architect of Data Storage & lecturer at Tel-Aviv University
"Amit co-founded Plexistor (Acquired by NetApp in 2017), where he was responsible for developing the world’s first feature-rich PM-based file system and surrounding MAX Data product. Before that Amit was a technology leader in Tonian (Acquired by PrimaryData), IBM Research and STG. Amit has been leading global software and hardware technical teams since 2000 and composed over 80 papers and patents. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Architecture from Tel-Aviv University."

Dr. Amit Golander

CTO Cloud Storage & lecturer at Tel-Aviv University
"Yoni Birman is the enterprise Security Research Director of Huawei's Tel Aviv Research Center (Toga Networks). The group solves cyber security and privacy challenges for various product lines such as: Network, end-point, application and more using machine learning techniques. Yoni is a lecturer in the Computer Science department at Reichman University and in the Engineering department at Tel-Aviv University"

Dr. Yoni Birman

CTO Enterprise Cyber Security. Lecturer at Reichman University and TAU

Meet your mentors

Leading Blockchain research activities in Toga Networks. Experienced software architect with over 20 years in enterprise software design and development. Specializes in distributed and decentralized computing, big data and trusted systems.

Avigail Oron

Software Architect
Expert in complex software solutions

Yifat Kuttner

Cloud Data protection developer
25 years experience in software development, from them 20 years in storage, data protection and data management field. Vast experience in project management and teams leading. Successful products delivered to multiple large customers.

Michael Sternberg

Lead Architect and Project Manager
Cyber Security Engineer at the Cloud & AI security group. Hands-on architect of Extended Detect and Response (XDR) platforms. Prev. Team Leader - 8200's perimeter security R&D team

Ron Arazi

Cyber Security Engineer
Expert in parallel and distributed applications development

Alon Zameret

HPC Applications Team Lead
More than 20 years of experience in System Architecture and Software Development. Specialties: Distributed Systems, Computer Networks, Real-time Programming, Kernel Space and Microcode Development.

Eti Siminchi

Senior SW Architect and Tech Lead
M.Sc in Distributed Algorithms (Technion, Haifa), Software Architect

Idan Zach

Software Architect
15 years of hands development of primary and secondary storage.

Shahar Salzman

Senior SW Engineer

Roman Yakovenko

Principal Engineer

Muhammad Barham

Data security & privacy, and Cryptography
At Huawei, TRC Data Management Lab, since Aug 2019 Architect of Cloud DR in Emeistor Previous Work Experience 2013 – 2019 Zerto , Tech-lead ; Disaster recovery software for virtualized and cloud infrastructures 2005 – 2013 Aonline Capitals , Team-Lead; Algo-trading 2000 – 2005 VizRT; Senior SW engineer, Team-Lead ; Visualization in Real-Time for the digital media Innovation 2 Patents approved by Huawei

Arik Abuhasira


Michael Gutman

Technical Expert

About us

Toga Networks started as an Israeli startup and became a technological powerhouse. Toga is Huawei’s R&D center in Israel, with over 450 leading experts, working at the forefront of Huawei innovation in various fields. The teams work on the most exciting solutions that will define the future of communications and smart devices. Toga has developed many groundbreaking technologies in diverse technological fields, such as: Hardware, Software, Cloud and AI. These were developed for diverse markets: Enterprise, Telecom, Devices/cars/smart homes, etc. Toga is one of Huawei’s largest and most influential R&D centers outside of China and has a proven track record in developing next-generation products.



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